DocuBank: Protection Planning That Works When And Where It Is Needed

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While it is important that your estate plan work as you intended, it is also important that your critical healthcare directives be accessible, especially in an emergency.  This is why, at Carolina Family Estate Planning, your initial DocuBank membership is included FREE as part of your estate plan.

Research has found that about 75% of the time healthcare directives (e.g. living will, healthcare power of attorney, etc.) are not available in an emergency. I know first-hand how hard this can be because my father laid in the hospital for three days unable to speak before anyone notified by sister or me.  So, our clients subscribe to the DocuBank service.

Each of our clients carry in their wallet a card that provides hospitals access to their healthcare directives and emergency contact information via fax or the Internet—using the member number, pin and instructions on their card.  Access is available 24/7/365, worldwide.  Subscribers are provided alert stickers to place on their driver’s license and health insurance card to make the hospital aware of their DocuBank registration.  And, when the hospital requests their healthcare directives from DocuBank, they will also receive the names and phones numbers of their doctor and up to three loved ones, so that the hospital can reach them quickly in an emergency.  To learn more, call 1-866-DOCUBANK (362-8226) or visit

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