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What Is Probate? What is Estate Administration?

Probate is the court process of proving the validity of and overseeing the instructions provided in the will are followed properly and the estate is correctly administered.

When there is no will, the process is simply referred to as estate administration. You are most familiar with the daunting term “going through probate” being used whether or not there is a will.


How Our Attorneys Make the Probate Process Easier

At Carolina Family Estate Planning, we help our clients by taking on the detailed, challenging work of Probate so that you can focus on your own life and family, with the peace of mind of knowing that you are respecting your loved one’s wishes. We will prepare all the paperwork you need to work with the court, beneficiaries, and Co-Executors. 

We want you to feel confident that you are in control of the process and that everything is done right, as the law requires. Most importantly, to every extent possible, our probate team wants to help you carry out your loved one’s wishes.

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Get Help Navigating The Probate and Estate Administration Process in North Carolina

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