Ann-Michelle Van Eepoel

Ann-Michelle Van Eepoel

  • Carolina Family Estate Planning
  • 201 Commonwealth Ct #100 Cary, NC 27511
  • 919-443-3035

Ann-Michelle Van Eepoel joined Carolina Family Estate Planning as an Estate & Trust Administration Paralegal in June 2022. She previously worked as an Estate Administration and Estate Planning paralegal for 8 years. Ann-Michelle shares a strong passion for helping families expedite the Estate Administration process. A graduate of University of South Florida, Ann-Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies.

Ann-Michelle’s personal connection and experience with Estate Planning and Estate Administration contributed to her decision to pursue a career in the profession: “When I was 21 years old, my father passed away from a genetic condition at the age of 45, and the things I experienced during the administration of his estate often come to mind while I'm helping other families through the life-altering event of losing a loved one.”

Part of Ann-Michelle’s job is to help families resolve the inherent financial issues that come with the death of a loved one- she says “It is always gratifying to me to handle as much of the red tape as possible in estate administration, to give grieving families a chance to focus on what's important to them instead.” Ann-Michelle sees how different every probate case is, and how fascinating and interesting Estate Administration can be for non-traditional families.

When she’s not helping clients or conducting legal research, Ann-Michelle enjoys playing the violin, which she’s been playing since age 10! Ann-Michelle says it really brings her creative side out; noting that it’s a great way to meditate and collect her thoughts. Ann-Michelle also loves watching StarTrek, because when she was a kid, her father got her into science fiction: “I love how StarTrek explores what it means to be human.” Whenever possible, Ann-Michelle spends time outdoors, especially camping in Southern Virginia in the Spring.