We Help People Live Better Lives By Planning Secure Futures

As a busy North Carolina parent or grandparent juggling your career and your family, you likely have a lot on your plate. That’s why we built our estate planning practice on providing efficient and effective estate planning and asset protection solutions, that take the worry, confusion, and frustration out of complex estate planning and asset protection issues.

At Carolina Family Estate Planning, we want to help YOU make the best possible decisions for you and your family’s long-term wellness and financial security.

If you are like our other clients, you want to leave a LOVING LEGACY of protection for your family after you are gone, rather than a mess for them to deal with.

Perhaps you know someone who has gone through the disaster of a failed estate—whether due to lack or planning or disorganization, family discord, a never-ending estate administration (and the bills to go with it), or other unintended consequences like children being left high and dry when a surviving spouse gets remarried and the assets eventually pass to their new spouse or stepchildren (we call it the dreaded “accidental disinheritance” and unfortunately, it happens A LOT).

At Carolina Family Estate Planning, we help North Carolina parents and grandparents make smart, thoughtful planning decisions for themselves and their loved ones.