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Dan Bedard

Executive Director
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Dan Bedard is a systems guy the way Henry Ford was a car enthusiast: it goes a little deeper than just puttering around.

Dan is our Executive Director, but his path to that post was anything but direct. An electrical engineering major at MIT, he was preparing for a career in semiconductor device design and fabrication when he met our founder and his soon-to-be wife, Jackie Bedard.

After MIT, Jackie moved down to Richmond, Virginia for law school. Dan followed but hooked a hard right after crossing the Potomac and spent the next three years traveling the world "doing computer things" for a particular government agency with offices all over the world.

Not long after Dan and Jackie decided to make the Raleigh area their home, Jackie dove into starting Carolina Family Estate Planning. Dan joined an information technology research group at UNC.

Jackie built the firm. Dan's responsibilities grew from engineering into proposal development, project management, and eventually leading a group of software engineers in a non-profit open-source software consortium.

As Carolina Family Estate Planning grew, it was probably inevitable that Dan would join Jackie and bring his systems management skillset to our rapidly growing firm. He survived the transition from engineering into law firm management, and we have thrived together.

Dan is a long-distance--as in the occasional 100-mile race--runner. He still loves traveling (now under his real name), CrossFit and most endurance sports, reading, movies, and being outdoors.

He hopes to one day pursue his ultimate goal--the reason he studied semiconductor fab to begin with: to be marooned on a desert island and work his way home by making a computer from semiconductor devices out of raw beach sand. He admits there are some details that still need to be worked out...


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