Both the cost and length of time required for probate can vary dramatically.  Factors that may impact the cost and duration include the size and complexity of the estate, the types of assets involved in the estate, whether a will existed, and whether any will contests are alleged.

There are a variety of fees that arise during the probate process including executor's fees or commission, attorney and legal fees, appraisal fees, cost costs, accounting fees, and bond fees.  When added up, these fees frequently wind up costing between 2% to 7% or more of the total value of the estate, and the entire probate process generally takes between 9 and 18 months in North Carolina (assuming that there is not any litigation involved).

It’s also important to understand that if there is out-of-state real estate, that real estate must be probated in the state within which it is located—this is referred to as an ancillary administration.  This can significantly increase the work and cost involved during the probate process.

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