What makes Carolina Family Estate Planning different than other North Carolina estate planning firms?

Our firm is different in many ways! We understand that you're busy, your life is evolving, and you want to know that you've made the best decisions for your family and that your plan will work when your loved ones need it the most.

To start, our practice is based on relationships. We recognize that every client is different and has unique goals and objectives. So our first focus is to learn about you, your family, your goals, concerns, and fears.

That's why we've thrown out the hourly billing clock! We work on a flat-fee basis because we want our clients to be able to talk with us, without feeling rushed or worrying about the size of their bill.

We place a high value on education. Not degrees and class rankings, but real, applied learning about how we can continue to best serve our clients. That means when we're not seeing clients, we're attending classes, reading about changes to the law, what other practices are doing, and new planning techniques. We're listening to estate planning podcasts, teleconferencing with other attorneys, and thinking about new ways we can help your family get the most out of life. It also means we're constantly investigating and employing new technology to do more for our clients.

This educational and proactive approach extends to how we work with our clients. We use a lot of stories and plain English, so you will know and understand the planning options that are available to you. We discuss, using real world examples, how we can design a plan that will protect and care for you throughout your lifetime and how it will continue to protect and care for your family after you're gone.

Our Team Helps Protect You and Your Family For Life

Together we'll create a plan that best fulfills your dreams and goals. We'll help you arrange your affairs in a way that is both personally satisfying and that meets your unique objectives—all while accomplishing substantial savings for your family in the long run.

We also ensure that the most important details of your plan are fully carried out, so that your plan continues to work throughout your lifetime. This begins with ensuring that all of your assets and accounts are titled properly. Did you know that a lot of estate plans will not work as intended, because the assets are not titled correctly? That's why we have a “funding coordinator” to ensure your assets are titled correctly, so a simple, common oversight doesn't result in a long, expensive probate process.
We also have affordable maintenance and education programs, which will help keep your plan updated year in and year out, as well as give you access to our office for additional guidance. We encourage clients to call us or email us with their questions or concerns!

We believe in a team approach, working collaboratively with your other professional advisors. We will work closely with your financial advisor, accountant, insurance agent, or other advisors to ensure that your entire financial plan works together and is suitable for your situation.

Finally, we believe that your wealth is far more than what's in your bank account. You are also the sum of your values, experiences, dreams, and interests—who you are and what's important to you. More than ever before, people are expressing that the intangible assets in their life such as character, faith, morals, and life lessons are dramatically more important to them than their financial assets. We can work with you to capture your values and emotions—the very core of your identity and what matters to you.

We look forward to meeting you and crafting your life and estate plan, so you we can help care for your family's future!


Jackie W. Bedard
Founder of Carolina Family Estate Planning
Member of WealthCounsel
Member of ElderCounsel
Board of Director Member of NC Chapter of NAELA (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys)