For Those Who Have Protected Us: Veterans’ Benefits for North Carolina Seniors

North Carolina Veteran senior seeking Aid and Attendance benefits We understand that servicemen and women work hard to protect our country and our livelihood. That is why Attorney Jackie Bedard has dedicated her practice to helping those who have sacrificed so much for our country. As a U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs accredited attorney, Jackie Bedard can not only help vets obtain the benefits they are entitled to but also provide a comprehensive plan to ensure that all aspects of the family’s health and financial well-being are handled for life.

Senior veterans and their spouses—if they require assistance—may qualify for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Special Pension Benefit or the Veterans Housebound Special Pension Benefit program, whether they live in their home, in an assisted living facility, or in a continuing care retirement community.

Not only can we help you determine your eligibility under these programs, but we can also walk you through the process of obtaining the benefits. If the veteran served on active duty for at least 90 days, with at least one of those days during a period designated as wartime, the benefits up to the following may be available for 2024:

  • $2,300 per month ($27,609 per year) for a qualified veteran.
  • $2,727 per month ($32,729 per year) if the veteran is married.
  • $1,478 per month ($17,743 per year) for a surviving spouse of a qualified veteran.
  • $3,649 per month ($43,791 per year) if both spouses are qualified veterans.

If you are a veteran or veteran’s spouse or widow facing in-home care or long-term care expenses, you may qualify for benefits, even if you are not in need of 24-hour care. 

Take Care When Filing A Claim For Benefits As A Veteran In North Carolina

One of the main reasons for long-term planning is that as a veteran or veteran’s spouse ages, he or she may benefit from the assistance of different government programs depending upon the level of care required. While a VA program might be the best solution now, Medicaid is likely to be better later on down the road.

When applying for North Carolina veterans’ benefits, it is not uncommon for an applicant to reallocate assets, shift income, or purchase annuities so that they qualify for VA benefits. Such transfers or annuities could create significant problems later on when it comes time for Medicaid, costing you and your family thousands in the long run.

This is why it is imperative to enlist the help of a lawyer who is versed in both VA benefits and Medicaid benefits in North Carolina, in order to prevent a lapse in coverage that could ultimately affect your health.

Get Help with Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits 

Help with veteran’s aid in North Carolina can be found at Carolina Family Estate Planning simply by calling (919) 443-3035 or by filling out our online form and asking about a benefits analysis.  We also recommend that you attend one of our upcoming workshops to learn more about benefits available for wartime veterans and their spouses.  You have done so much for your country—let us do something for you.

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