Good Parents Care About Their Children's Future - Great Parents Plan for It

You would give everything for your child.

No one likes to think of what would happen if his or her children were left without a parent. Sadly, accidents do happen, and no one is guaranteed to live until their kids become adults.

North Carolina estate planning lawyer Jackie Bedard understands this, which is why she has created the Children’s Safeguard Plan.

Crossing your fingers and hoping that your children will never be left without parents is not the best way to protect them. Instead, establishing a sound plan in the event that your kids are left without you is the best way to protect yourself, your children, and the rest of your family.

Family with minor childrenThe Children’s Safeguard Plan is a comprehensive outline of your wishes for your child, which is then tailored to your individual needs. The Children's Safeguard Plan should be a part of a North Carolina estate plan involving minors, and includes:

  • A set of instructions on how you want your children to be raised, including who will care for them after you are gone, what schools you want them to attend, direction on what religion they are to follow and how their inheritance is to be managed, among other things.
  • The Plan will also include a special section that addresses you and your spouse’s values, hopes, and dreams for your children and ways that the guardian can help instill those in your kids.
  • Legal documents outlining who the child’s guardians will be, what they will inherit at the time of your death, who is going to manage those assets, and rules and guidelines for when they are to receive the money.
  • Nomination of emergency guardians to ensure that your children never wind up in the hands of Child Protective Services or foster care.
  • Family emergency preparedness planning tools.
  • Emergency ID cards that include contact information for the child's emergency contacts.

Free Guide: Choosing Guardians For Minor Children

In addition to the Children’s Safeguard Plan, Carolina Family Estate Planning helps parents protect their minors in North Carolina by offering the Parents’ Peace of Mind Guide. This guide is offered free to parents in and around the Triangle area, and offers ways to learn the following:

  • Important steps to take to ensure your children’s safety
  • The most common mistakes that parents make when deciding who will be the guardian of their children
  • How to go through the process of choosing the right person to care for your child
  • Many other important factors that parents must consider when planning their kids’ lives in the event that the parent is no longer there.

Take The First Step To Protect Your Minor Children

Give yourself the peace of mind that your family will be protected in the event of a tragedy. Not only will the Children’s Safeguard Plan provide you and your children with a long-term solution for their care, but it will also provide your babysitters, caregivers, emergency personnel, and loved ones guidance on what to do in an emergency situation if you're not there.

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