At Carolina Family Estate Planning, we understand how overwhelming it can be to handle Probate or Trust Administration, especially after you’ve just lost a loved one. We strive to help our clients navigate this seemingly daunting process with compassion and care.

When you call our office, the first person you’ll talk to is a Client Welcome Specialist. The Welcome Specialist will ask you what made you decide to call our office. She may ask some follow-up questions, and then she will work with you to identify the best next step to help you move forward.

If we believe we can help you with legal services, our Welcome Specialist will schedule a free case assessment by phone with our firm. During that call, we will dig a little deeper. We’ll go through a list of detailed questions about your situation. After the assessment, a legal professional will evaluate the specifics of your case. Using this analysis, we will either invite you to our office to discuss an Estate Administration action plan or provide you with alternative guidance about what your next step should be.

We strive to make working with Carolina Family Estate Planning a remarkably enjoyable experience. We will prepare all the paperwork you need to work with the Court, Beneficiaries, and other Trustees or Co-Executors. At the end of every meeting, we will ask to make sure we’ve answered all of your questions. We will reliably follow up on any open issues. And throughout the Administration process, we will provide you with regular updates about your case.

We want you to feel confident that you are in control of the process and that everything is done right, as the law requires. Most importantly, to every extent possible, we want to help you carry out your loved one’s wishes as they would have wanted.

If you are facing the challenges of Probate or Trust Administration, and you think you might need help, please don’t go it alone. Call Carolina Family Estate Planning at 919‑443-3035, or email us at [email protected] to get started.


Jennifer Mercer
Paralegal, Probate and Estate Administration Team Lead