A Free Guide for North Carolina Executors Navigating the Probate and Estate Administration Process

Free Guide: Understanding Estate Administration in North CarolinaLosing a loved one is hard.

The days and weeks after a loss are often fraught with grief, questions, and, unfortunately, family complications. It’s a terrible time to think through a legal process clearly. And while the North Carolina General Statutes are the guiding law about what happens to an Estate upon the death of a North Carolina resident, they are not exactly casual reading material. The law is made to address the variety of unique situations that may come up. It can be confusing, long-winded, and it  might even seem like it’s written in another language. 

We wrote this guide to help.

Whether you have just lost a spouse or a parent, or you believe you may be entitled to a part of an Estate, or you’ve just received a letter from the Court, you could probably use some help. It’s often a challenge just to know where to start. Maybe you’re not even sure what questions to ask and whom to ask. How do you know you’re getting good advice and doing it right?

This guide will give you an overview of the Estate Administration process in plain English. We hope that after reading the guide, you will feel comfortable knowing your next steps and knowing what questions to ask.

Inside Understanding Estate Administration, you will discover:

  • What you need to do right away, and what can wait.
  • An overview of the Probate process and what to expect.
  • Tips for locating your loved one's Will.
  • Common issues that lead to estate disputes.

Plus, frequently asked questions such as:

  • Is probate necessary for my loved one’s estate?
  • How long does estate administration take?
  • What happens if there’s no valid will?
  • What are the duties of an executor?
  • How do we pay for my loved one’s funeral?
  • Should we notify the bank of my loved one’s death?
  • What if my loved one owned property in another state or country?
  • And more!

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Understanding Estate Administration

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