“Several years ago a dear friend died. She had been so generous and left me a gift of her investments. This legacy would change my plans for retirement and open even more possibilities for my family. The probate of her will took 18 months. The beneficiaries had little information about the process, progress and almost no detailed information. Finally, with the help of my financial advisor, I began to organize my estate. Oh my! I had an estate. I knew I wanted to protect my loved ones from these long months of probate purgatory: Step in Carolina Family Estate Planning! The whole process was very comfortable. From the office visits with muffins and hot tea that came with lots of information and guidance, to the easy homework of gather asset info and changing names on accounts, to the [Priceless Conversation] CD we made on my final visit. The day I received my Trust Book (Volume, Tome, LOL), there was an amazing sense of relief and accomplishment.” - Nadine, Raleigh, N.C.

Nadine, Raleigh, NC.