Penelope Sosa

Penelope Sosa

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Meet Penelope Sosa, AKA Pen or Penny, our dynamic linguist and English translator extraordinaire.

Born and raised amidst the majestic mountains of Mexico's Nuevo Leon, Penelope brings a rich tapestry of cultural experiences to our team. A graduate of the School of Philosophy and Arts, she holds a degree in English translation and boasts a recent Literary Translation certificate.

Penelope's journey is marked by a profound love for language and communication. With a heart for understanding people, she thrives in environments where every conversation is an opportunity to connect and learn. Her career is a testament to her philosophy: seize every chance to grow and evolve.

Outside the office, Penelope's passions paint a colorful portrait of her personality. From bullet journaling to indulging her voracious appetite for literature (700 books and counting!), she embodies the spirit of curiosity and creativity. An avid board gamer and gymnastics enthusiast, she finds joy in both strategic triumphs and graceful routines.

Yet, amidst her diverse interests, Penelope remains grounded by the values instilled by her mother—curiosity, empathy, and kindness. Inspired by her family's commitment to estate planning, she understands the importance of honoring loved ones' wishes and preserving legacies.