This week the Consumer Reports Money & Shopping Blog ran a great two-part series on useful retirement planning websites.  If you are looking for advice and information regarding retirement planning, here are some great sources:

  1. Social Security Administration
  2. Internal Revenue Service
  3. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
  4. Medicare Rights Center
  5. TreasuryDirect
  6. National Association of Personal Finance Advisors
  7. Retirement Living Information Center
  8. International Living

In addition to the above, I would add the following sites:

  1. U.S Financial Literacy and Education Commission – A compilation of government-provided retirement planning resources.
  2. Employee Benefits Security Administration – Consumer information on retirement plans.
  3. AARP Financial Planning and Retirement
  4. Yahoo! Finance – Retirement

To see the Consumer Reports articles in full:

5 Best Websites for Retirement Planning

5 (more) Websites for Retirement Planning

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