Elder lawyers focus on certain aspects of senior life that many others have yet to even consider.  For example, as an elder law attorney in Cary, it is important to be aware of the nursing home options available to clients, as well as any changes in laws that apply to this type of care.  When it comes to nursing homes, planning ahead is one of the best choices you and your elder law attorney can make.

By planning in advance, an elderly family member is able to have a much greater say in what type of nursing home he or she will enter.  When these decisions are left until an emergency, however, the actual resident’s wishes are far less likely to be considered.  That is because placing an elderly person into a nursing home is incredibly stressful for all involved.  When it is done at the last minute as the result of some sort of “last straw” event, no one is thinking clearly anymore.

Here are a few guidelines for choosing the best nursing home for your needs in the Cary, NC area.

  1. Start early.  Ask friends their opinions of nursing homes where they’ve lived or visited.  Your doctor may also be a great resource for finding out about the best local care.
  2. Don’t just base your decision on a few brochures and a price.  Instead, take the time to travel around Cary to actually conduct in-person visits to your top choices.  Showing up unannounced may help you to see what things are really like on a typical day.
  3. Make an appointment with the nursing home staff to discuss the care you or your loved one will receive.  Take notes and compare them among your top choices to ensure you’re making the choice that fits your needs.  If you have questions about what you should expect in Cary, elder lawyers are up-to-date on all applicable laws and regulations.

Making an informed choice regarding nursing home options will help you determine where you will receive either long or short-term care when it is needed.  A Cary elder lawyer can help you draw up necessary documents and review any contracts needed to solidify your choice.

Of course, if you require further assistance in this area, please give our office a call at (919)443-3035 to discuss the best way to get started.

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