What Do the Attorneys at Carolina Family Estate Planning Law Firm Have to Say About Wills, Trusts and Estate and Long Term Care Planning?

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  • I wish more people understood: Indecision is the Leading Cause of Roadkill... Not having a plan increases the likelihood that you will end up in a nursing home or assisted living facility.
  • Legacy for a Nation (Part 2): MORE Estate Planning Lessons from Ben Franklin Here at Carolina Family Estate Planning, our team regularly helps clients build plans that protect their loved ones against future catastrophic events such as lawsuits, medical debt, bankruptcy, death, and divorce, while also including flexibility to adjust to changing or unforeseen circumstances. Why? Because unforeseen circumstances almost always arise in estate planning.
  • Legacy for a Nation: Estate Planning Lessons from Ben Franklin Ben Franklin's estate planning documents carefully structure two philanthropic trusts designed to last exactly 200 years. He made two separate trusts-one to the city of Boston and one to his hometown of Philadelphia. Each trust contained 1,000 pounds, roughly equivalent to $110,000 today.
  • Want a Better Life? Try Flexing Your Reticular Activating System The RAS may be partly responsible for a phenomenon I've previously discussed in this newsletter, where happy people seem to enjoy amazing luck, while for others, bad things just seem to keep happening to them. Happy people and unfortunate people may actually be experiencing the same things, but their RAS is looking for evidence to confirm what they believe to be true.
  • The Tale of the Plan-Less Estate Planning Attorney I didn't have my own estate plan. I was young and healthy. I kept putting it off for another day. And then I found a lump in my breast...
  • Adventures in Crucial Conversations In addition to these key points, there are numerous, critical life lessons in this book that hit me like a bus. Things like: respect is like air: no one notices when there is plenty of it, but when there’s not enough, it’s all you can think about. And the Four Methods of Decision Making.
  • The Wisest Advisor If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would that change your plans for today? Death, as a wise adviser, tells us our time is limited. Best to act now.
  • Lessons from a Caregiver Law Suit Eva had a solid relationship with her nieces and nephews. She bonded with her mailwoman. Some combination of family and the mailwoman kept watch over Eva.
  • An Heiress and When is a Gift a Gift? When an heiress leaves a 300 million dollar estate, some common questions arise: When is it eccentricity and when is it incompetence? Generosity? Coercion?
  • Listening for a Legacy Clients and friends often hang on to an old saved voicemail so they can hear their loved one’s voice one more time. Why not use technology to leave a more meaningful, intentional message?