What do the attorneys at Carolina Family Estate Planning Law Firm have to say about wills, trusts and estate and long term care planning?

Information on North Carolina estate planning, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and long-term care planning.

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  • The Wisest Advisor If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would that change your plans for today? Death, as a wise adviser, tells us our time is limited. Best to act now.
  • Lessons from a Caregiver Law Suit Eva had a solid relationship with her nieces and nephews. She bonded with her mailwoman. Some combination of family and the mailwoman kept watch over Eva.
  • An Heiress and When is a Gift a Gift? When an heiress leaves a 300 million dollar estate, some common questions arise: When is it eccentricity and when is it incompetence? Generosity? Coercion?
  • Listening for a Legacy Clients and friends often hang on to an old saved voicemail so they can hear their loved one’s voice one more time. Why not use technology to leave a more meaningful, intentional message?
  • Health Care Proxies All Around . . . nothing will sidetrack or toss up completely unnecessary roadblocks down the road than a medical emergency and a fight over who makes the decisions.
  • Growth & Gratitude on a Grander Scale In October we attended the Law Firm 500 awards ceremony in Las Vegas. We decided to extend our trip to meet up with family. What did we learn?
  • Our Newest Clients Our newest clients - an extended family - have given us permission to document their planning every step of the way.
  • The Ghosts of Probate This time, my friend got a late evening phone call from an extended family member whose husband had passed away about six months ago after a long illness.
  • I Am the Proxy There’s a moment in HBO’s new show Succession that perfectly – illustrates the importance of a health care proxy. It does so in a few words over a few seconds.
  • 'Trust' and Coordination Getty being Getty could not help but use the promise of money as a club. His greatest threat to employees, friends, family was to write them out of the will.