What is a Vision Meeting?

A Vision Meeting is just that. It is an opportunity for you to discuss your estate planning vision and goals. It is a complimentary meeting we offer to you for attending one of our estate planning seminars! It is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for taking the time to educate yourself.


What Can I Expect at my Vision Meeting?

After attending a Carolina Family Estate Planning seminar you will learn about different planning options for you and your family. You may already have a will or a trust or you may not. You will gain insight if you old documents should be updated or reviewed. If you have old estate planning documents (will, trust, POAs), we will review them for you prior to the Vision meeting. At your Vision meeting we will let you know if they should be updated or if you should start over with new documents. Many times we see out-of-state documents that need to be updated to North Carolina standards.


We will also learn about your family. We will learn about  your health and the health of your loved ones. After learning more about you, your family, and your goals, we will make a couple of estate planning recommendations to you. We will give you a chance to decide which plan you feel best suits your goals and budget.


If you have prior estate planning documents, please either make a copy and send them to us or you can bring them by our office and we will make a copy for you. You may also bring them to the seminar with you. We can copy them while you attend the seminar and give them back to you before you leave.


What Should I do to Prepare for my Vision Meeting?

You will also need to complete our Estate Planning Worksheet. This will give us an overview of your current financial situation and help us determine which plan is best for you. We do not need birthdates or social security numbers, but an overall snapshot of your accounts, mortgage(s), retirement accounts, etc. We will review the worksheets in preparation for your Vision meeting in order to identify potential probate issues, income tax or estate tax concerns, or long-term care planning options. In order for us to adequately prepare for your Vision meeting, we require that your completed worksheets be returned to our office one week prior to your Vision meeting.