"Sundowning” is a term that describes increased confusion among those with Alzheimer’s disease as the day progresses. The cause of sundowning is unknown, but there are factors that may contribute to the symptoms, such as fatigue, low lighting, and increased shadows. As the day progresses, the person with Alzheimer’s disease becomes more confused. Sundowning is predictable, beginning at about the same time each day. Due to the predictability, there are ways to help combat this difficult behavior.

  • Keep a consistent routine.
  • Provide a scheduled quiet time. This should be no more than one hour. If the person is unable to rest, try soft music, low lighting, and hand/back massages.
  • After quiet time has ended, make sure there is adequate lighting throughout the house.
  • As sundowning begins, keep the individual busy to distract them from the setting sun.

Remember that as the care provider, you are at risk of fatigue and burnout. Be sure to use whatever help is available to you so that you can continue to provide the level of care you desire to give your loved one.

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