God forbid, but if your family is ever in an accident, who would be authorized to make medical decisions for your children if you’re unable to?

Did you know that you can authorize who can make medical decisions for your child if you’re unable to? If you have minor children, this is a medical authorization for your minor children that is a critical component of your estate planning. It’s one of the many important components of our Children’s Safeguard Plan

You see, we’ve thought long and hard about all the various “what if” scenarios for families with minor children and what we could do to better protect your family.  That’s how the Children’s Safeguard Plan came into being. We were seeing far too many parents with “cookie cutter” wills that did too little to protect their young children. We wanted to provide a better solution to the unique planning concerns of young families like yours.

Free Guide for Parents with Minor Children:

If you have minor children, make sure you check out our free guide, on Children's Safeguard Planning, that covers the unique issues involved in estate planning when you have minor children, including naming guardians and protecting their future. Or, contact us to discuss the best way to get started at 919-443-3035 or via our contact form.

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