Estate Planning is a Process
Most people think of estate planning as writing documents to say who gets what when they die. But creating those documents is not estate planning. Estate planning is a series of actions, changes, and functions about a result—providing enduring protection and succession of your entire wealth to your family.

An estate plan faces a myriad of changes. First, your personal, family, and financial situations are constantly changing. You may get married or divorced. Or maybe welcome a new child or grandchild into the world. You might purchase a new home or open a new bank account. Or start a new job and begin a new retirement plan in the process. Or you might purchase additional life insurance coverage. Your assets continue to grow and accumulate over time; your personal goals and objectives may also change.

Additionally, there is constant change in both tax law and non-tax law that impacts your estate plan.

Third, your attorney’s experience and expertise—if you have a good attorney—should continue to grow. Your professional advisors should be continually improving through ongoing education and collected experience, and they should be regularly developing new tools, techniques, and counseling resources to maximize the value of their counsel.

Because there are all these changes, you cannot expect a plan to accomplish what was intended if it never gets updated. In fact, the costs of failing to update your plan would typically be far greater than the costs of keeping it current. We’ll work with you to adjust your plan as any new developments take place in your life and the law.

We offer various program levels to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our base level plans include services such as the following:

  • Periodically reviewing and updating your plan due to life and law changes, so it stays up-to-date, and your estate plan works!
  • Reviewing your assets and beneficiary designations to ensure your plan will always work as intended.
  • Word-processing changes made, as needed, to your existing documents.
  • Ongoing access for “quick question” phone calls about your plan.
  • Invitations to client education workshops and client appreciation events.
  • And much more—all without hourly billing!

Meaningful results come from a systematic process. Don’t sell yourself short of getting a plan that WORKS!

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