When you are looking for an estate planning attorney, you want to make sure you are working with someone who really focuses on estate planning and understands the issues that are in place. A general practitioner or someone who did your real estate closing might be great at other things and they might think, “Well, sure I can put together a few form documents,” but the reality is that you don’t always understand how those documents play out for people in the long run — and that’s a really important aspect to this. When you have a Power of Attorney document, and it’s not until later when you are incapacitated that we really find whether that document works for you or not. And we find out in our office we are often redoing those documents because they have so many issues with them. So you want to make sure right from the start that you are working with someone who really understands these issues and can talk you through your different options and make sure you have the right plan for your family instead of a one size fits all.

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