We’ve heard from many parents of college-aged children who are nervous about the prospect of their children returning to the college campus in the midst of a pandemic, and who are studying the university's protocols and precautions for keeping everyone safe.
While you’re preparing for… whatever next semester looks like, there’s one more thing you must do: Make sure your young adult child has the proper legal tools in place!
Once your child turns 18, they're considered to be a legal adult.
At that point, your legal responsibility as a parent ends. (Congratulations!) However, you should also know that your legal authority as a parent also ends at age 18. This means no legal authority to conduct financial transactions on their behalf, no legal authority to make healthcare decisions on their behalf, and no legal authority for healthcare providers to share healthcare information with you.
Good news! We've made it super easy to create the 3-key documents with our DIY Young Adult POA Package.
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