Ashley Kevitt

Ashley Kevitt

Estate Planning Attorney
  • Carolina Family Estate Planning
  • 201 Commonwealth Ct #100 Cary, NC 27511
  • 919-443-3035

We think Ashley is one of the most enthusiastic Estate Planning lawyers, and here is why. Ashley has always known that she chose the right profession and specific area of law during her career. She has always enjoyed work that keeps her driven. With Estate Planning in and out's constantly evolving, Ashley feels her career is continuously teaching her something new. She enjoys advancing her knowledge and using that to help her clients in return.

Since graduating from law school and starting as an attorney, she has been focused on Wills and Trusts that assist individuals and families. Ranging from those with special needs loved ones, or starting to explore long-term care planning, and even young couples that are welcoming their first child. She is undoubtedly passionate about making sure she helps those in any situation. Making authentic connections in the community and helping people from all walks of life allows her to see the law from all angles, not just like the typical attorney knowing the letter of the law. So you can expect to hear the legal side of any plan and the understanding side of any dynamic, and how it may personally affect you to help you out.

Being proactive, communicative, and a hard worker is a family trait. Ashley's grandmother was a genuinely kind and thoughtful person and a woman ahead of her time when it came to women being able to do anything they wanted. She went to UNC-G when it was an exclusive women's school because she wanted an education. She encouraged Ashley to go for her dreams and always said nothing was too big or too much for goals. Ashley carries this sense of drive and achievement with her to this day.

As a passionate enthusiast about animals (like most of our office staff are), she also volunteers at dog rescues and donates to animal causes. The latest is PIPS (Perfectly Imperfect Pups), a dog rescue organization. She has helped them find foster and forever homes for the dogs in the past. It is no surprise she is the proud mom of Porter, the best and cutest pug ever (not biased or anything).

Ashley was born and raised in Brevard, NC, growing up outside of Pisgah national forest, which is a testament to her roots and love of being outdoors to go hiking or kayaking. She is also an enthusiast of all sports and enjoys going to any sporting event in person. She follows college football and basketball (Go UNC!), and she cheers for just about every Boston professional sports team. If not outside, she loves to bake and attempts to cook, usually while listening to true crime podcasts or reality tv shows. You can also find her playing Trivia, her favorite way to use an overwhelming amount of random knowledge. Would you dare to challenge her?