Another Reason to Have a Health Care Power of Attorney

In several posts, including this one and this one, I’ve discussed the importance of having a Health Care Power of Attorney (also known as a Health Care Directive) for all adults. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times had brought to light another reason to create one: Advanced directives for end-of-life care results in preferred treatment.

According to recent studies, those that have documented their wishes regarding end-of-life treatment have their wishes honored over 80% of the time. “Researches found that of the 398 incapacitated people who had used a living will to request limited care at the end of life, almost 83% received it.” Additionally, “of the 417 incapacitated people who had requested comfort care in a living will, 97% received it.”

In our ​office we supplement our Health Care Powers of Attorney with worksheets to help our clients better document their express wishes regarding important health care decisions.

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