Have you ever heard the expression about learning from your mistakes?  Well that’s all well and good, but frankly, I would much rather learn from other people’s mistakes so that I don’t have to make those mistakes on my own. Especially with something like estate planning where you may not get a second shot to fix it if your incapacitated or deceased.

That’s why we frequently blog about celebrity estate plan mishaps or share recent examples in our newsletter.  Now, you might think, what do I have in common with a celebrity?  But the truth is, that everyday people make these same type of estate planning blunders all the time! 

For example:

In this newsletter edition, we covered the estate planning mishaps of Patrick Swayze, Mick Jagger’s girlfriend L’Wren Scott, Lou Reed, Paul Walker, and Mickey Rooney.

In this newsletter story, we covered the issues surrounding Philip Seymour Hoffman’s estate and why his estate will likely pay a boatload more in estate taxes than necessary and how his children were left out of the plan.

And if you’re like me, you might roll your eyes at the mention of the Kardashians, but they serve as good example of the estate planning issues involved with blended families

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