One of the least expensive and most effective methods of asset protection doesn’t involve your assets, but the assets of the people you love. A commonly overlooked opportunity in estate planning is to leave your heirs’ inheritance in a manner that is totally protected from their creditors, including lawsuits and divorce, yet still in their control and for their benefit. We call these trusts “Lifetime Asset Protection Trusts.”

And the opportunity isn’t just for what you pass on – it’s also available for what you may receive. We have helped clients set up Inheritor’s Trusts, which serve as empty vessels ready to receive their inheritances. The Inheritor’s Trust is prepared to our clients’ specifications in a manner that keeps its assets a protected nest egg for life. In that way, all that our clients’ parents, grandparents or other loved ones need to do is change their will or living trust to designate the Inheritor’s Trust as the beneficiary of their estate.

Asset Protection For YOU During Your Lifetime

Many people are also concerned about what they can do to protect their assets during their lifetime. 

If you’re concerned about general asset protection and protecting your assets from potential financial devastation due to long-term care and nursing home expenses, then read more about Medicaid Planning & Nursing Home Planning.

If you’re a business owner concerned about asset protection planning, then read more about Asset Protection Planning For Business Owners.

If you’re a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or other professional concerned about liability exposure and asset protection planning, then read more about Asset Protection Planning For Professionals.

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 CEO to benefit from asset protection planning, and we can help protect you, your inheritance and your heirs’ inheritance from frivolous and money-draining lawsuits. Just one more way we’re looking out for you and the people who mean the most to you. 

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