What We Do

At Carolina Family Estate Planning, we primarily focus on three things:

  • We help people build better lives by planning for a more secure future via estate and asset protection planning.
  • We help people impacted by cognitive impairment plan for the best life possible.
  • We help families navigate life when a loved one has died or become disabled.


Who We Are

Carolina Family Estate Planning is an innovative, well-organized, well-run, rapidly growing law firm focused solely on estate planning, estate administration, elder law, and asset protection in Cary, NC. We believe in going the extra mile to provide exceptional service to our clients which is why we have so many positive testimonials and reviews and have been voted as Best Attorney in Cary Magazine for the past 5 years.

We are committed to building an amazing team and culture and helping everyone on our team achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals while growing rapidly to meet the high demand for our services.


Our Core Values

Do the Right Thing

  • Be genuine, true, and authentic.
  • Act with integrity—even when no one is watching.
  • Accept that what’s right may not be the same as what’s easy.

Find a Better Way

  • Continuously improve. Search for a better solution—then top it! Commit to excellence.
  • Ask questions. Have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo and an implicit drive to ‘be the best’.
  • Embrace and drive change and improvement.

Take Responsibility

  • Have an ownership mentality—each of us has the power to make the firm better.
  • Embrace personal responsibility. Hold yourself accountable for your choices and results.
  • Be transparent. Share knowledge and information. Share mistakes and victories. Ask for help when needed. Reserve judgment. 

Choose Personal & Professional Growth

  • Be willing to be wrong and be okay with it. Commit to continuously improving performance and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.
  • Own your improvement. Initiate development goals and conversations about new opportunities.
  • Seek out coaching and opportunities to learn and grow and be willing to invest in your future self.

Live Better Lives

  • Bring the fun. Laugh. Be grateful and positive. Make people feel good.
  • Dream big. Set goals and relentlessly pursue them.
  • Impact the world beyond yourself.