Involving other Professional Advisors is key to success of the overall estate plan

At Carolina Family Estate Planning, we work closely with other professional advisors—or as we like to call them, Planning Partners—including financial advisors, accountants, investment advisors, and tax advisors. We believe the team approach provides our clients with the most sophisticated, comprehensive, and effective estate planning possible. To that end, we encourage our clients to invite their professional advisors to participate in the estate planning process. Once involved, we tried to keep you informed and engaged at all stages of the estate planning process.

Our Process
Our process is unique. Before your clients' estate plan can be successfully created and implemented, we need to learn about them and their loved ones, and they need to learn about the powerful planning options that are available. We feel it is our job as trusted legal advisors to educate your clients about these concepts, so they have the ability to make informed and educated decisions about which planning options are best for them.

The most effective way for a client to get started is by attending one of our free educational workshops. 

Our Three Step Strategy™ helps our clients create a successful and cost effective estate plan that will work for them throughout their lifetime and beyond. In our process, we work closely with your clients to learn about their planning goals, needs, concerns, and fears.

As part of our process and Three Step Strategy™ approach, we:

  • Have in-depth discussions with the clients about their family dynamics, their values, and their goals and objectives;
  • Design and prepare a custom comprehensive estate plan;
  • Ensure that all of their assets are properly titled so that their plan works for them and protects them in the way they intended;
  • Provide affordable maintenance programs to ensure that the plan will continue to work over their lifetime and will accommodate changes in their life, finances, and the law;
  • Provide educational programs to our clients and their families;
  • Provide a system that offers controlled costs and capped settlement fees to your clients and their families;
  • Provide legacy planning so clients can pass on their values, principles, and stories to their loved ones;
  • Include other important services such as DocuBank, Priceless Conversations, and more.

Strategic Planning
We believe in working closely with our Planning Partners and using a team approach to achieve clients’ needs and goals. In our process, we offer clients the option of incorporating a Financial Strategy Meeting where we will look to you for professional assistance to discuss how the clients' financial plan and estate plan should be best incorporated and to identify additional planning needs and opportunities to help your client and their family secure their future.

Resources & Education

Workshops & Continuing Education
Please visit our Upcoming Events & Workshops page for our schedule of educational events, some of which are eligible for continuing education credits. We are also happy to offer private workshops, both for our planning partners and their clients. If there’s a topic you'd like to learn more about, give us a call to discuss!

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Finally, we have a separate newsletter just for our Planning Partners.  It is a one-page newsletter distributed about twice per month by fax or email. If you’d like to receive the newsletter, please complete the form at this link.

Guides & Reports
We are continually creating new guides and reports to help educate our clients, planning partners, and the community. Be sure to check back in regularly for new and updated guides.

Community Outreach
It’s our mission to spread the word to the local community about the importance of proper, comprehensive estate planning. We'd love to work with you to help spread this important information. Please call our office if you’d like to discuss ways we could work together to reach out to the community.