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In October we attended the awards ceremony for the Law Firm 500 annual competition in Las Vegas. For the second year in a row, Carolina Family Estate Planning has been named one of the fastest growing small law firms in America. We decided to extend our trip to meet up with my parents in Phoenix and explore Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Historic Route 66, and the Hoover Dam before the ceremony.

What did we learn on this trip? My dad continues to demonstrate that age is just a number--is 75 the new 50? The Grand Canyon truly lives up to its name. The Hoover Dam is its equally impressive man-made cousin. All that was before the ceremony, where keynote speaker Erin Brockovich shared her journey from anonymous legal assistant to lion of public advocacy, and she showed how technology is changing the future of public health reporting. As always, the Law Firm 500 ceremony coincided with How To Manage a Small Law Firm's Q3 Live Quarterly Meeting, where we explored how you must be willing to risk the comfort of the status quo if you have hopes of achieving something better.

We have been told that personal growth always precedes professional growth. Before going on this trip, we had contemplated canceling it; a couple of weeks before the trip, the government rolled out its changes to the VA pension rules, which went into effect on October 18th. I have to thank our amazing team, who even while we were away, ramped up and accelerated VA pre-planning to help our clients swiftly and effectively, and while helping our clients, helped us recharge and learn how we can continue to make our firm better. We are blessed and grateful. 

Dan Bedard
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