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  • Pumpkin Pecan Pie This dessert makes the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving meal!
  • The Virtual Dementia Tour: A Life-Changing Experience VDT is a hands-on simulation of the physical and mental challenges by those with dementia. The simulation offers individuals the ability to step into the shoes of another person and view situations from a patient or loved one's standpoint.
  • CFEP recognized at Law Firm 500 We are excited to announce that Carolina Family Estate Planning was recently named one of the fastest growing firms in the country by the Law Firm 500.
  • Thai Peanut Zoodles (or Noodles) If you’re not in to zucchini noodles, you can use rice noodles—or even just plain pasta.
  • Medicare Open Enrollment Begins October 15th! Heads up! Medicare Open Enrollment begins on October 15th and runs through December 7th for changes that will be effective on January 1, 2018. The Medicare open enrollment period is the time during which people with Medicare can make new choices and pick plans that work best for them. Each year, Medicare plans typically change what they cost and cover. In addition, your health-care needs may have changed over the past year. The open enrollment period is your opportunity to switch Medicare health and prescription drug plans to better suit your needs.
  • Stop Living in the Cone of Uncertainty: Plan Ahead That got me thinking: during a disaster, the Cone of Uncertainty is the last place you want to be. Taking the term literally, you ultimately don’t want to be where the hurricane is likely to go. But to use a little literary license, also consider this: in the midst of turmoil, the people who fare the best are the people who have planned ahead.
  • Eclipse Party! It’s not every day that the moon blocks out the sun. Last month, we decided to take an afternoon out of the office to observe the eclipse.
  • Book Review: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson With the advance of technology, we have come to expect immediate results and instant gratification. The Slight Edge is a reminder that there is no magic button in life; astounding results most often stem from the cultivation of small, daily habits.
  • "What If My Heirs Don't Want My Heirlooms?" In a recent article in the New York Times, the author handles a question that might be a little uncomfortable for some families: what if your children or grandchildren don't want the heirlooms you've been holding onto for them?
  • Scrumptious Berry Muffins Any berries will do (but beware: the muffins will come out the same color as your purée).