This year's Halloween traditions will look different. Due to the pandemic, trick or treating might not look the same. Luckily we’ve got some alternative ideas that are just as fun—and still, involve plenty of candy!Let the kids decide what they want to be and make a big deal about dressing up on Halloween. Just because you may not be going door-to-door doesn’t mean you can’t show off your costumes! Have them dress up in their Halloween Costumes and plan a Virtual Costume Party so they can show their friends their new look.

Hide some candy and create a Scavenger Hunt around the house with clues about different locations written on orange cardstock. You can also have a few friends or family who you’re comfortable spending time with and can Station Up In Rooms Around Your House, or even have a Candy Graveyard, just fill your yard with headstones, then distribute the candy in bowls by each one.

On Halloween night, set up a craft station and set them loose to create whatever they like—while in costume, of course! There are a bunch of DIY Halloween Crafts they can make. Starting with their Individual Treat Bags or maybe some homemade Halloween Cards they can mail to their friends from cardstock, markers, and glue. You can also Decorate Holiday Cookies or Carve Pumpkins together, just play some spooky music to set the mood, and get to work!

What do you think about dressing up in costume on Halloween night and having a Dinner Party at home? You can host a small gathering with those in your household or friends you feel comfortable inviting over for a Micro Party. You can light up the backyard fire pit and gather around it, tell ghost stories and enjoy candy together, or have a Movie or Game Night, Halloween themed of course!

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