In his bestselling book, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz lays out a philosophy for living a better life that is entirely congruent with our values at Carolina Family Estate Planning:

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don't take anything personally.
  3. Don't make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.

In harmony with these principles, we follow up with our clients frequently during and after our time working with each other.

  • We want to make sure we have come through with the promises we've made,
  • We want to get our clients' unvarnished opinions about the quality of the work and service that we provide,
  • We do not attempt to read more into their responses than what they've told us, and
  • We want to do our best. Always.

With their permission, we have shared some of the feedback we've received from our clients. We hope it helps others overcome any fear and trepidation they may have about meeting with a law firm to help with their estate planning, estate settlement, or probate matter.

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  • "Jackie and the team made a complex process easy to understand and to execute. They tied together vital documents into a plan that makes sense, and pros/cons of options were carefully explained to help us in our decisions. We are extremely glad we did this planning and would recommend Jackie to anyone. Thank you for making a hard process easy." - John W.
  • "Jackie and her team were a joy to work with! She made a difficult subject easy to understand. My husband and I are now confident that our needs and our children's futures are fully prepared for. What better peace of mind for us and gift to our children! Thank you Jackie!" - Wendy P.
  • "The process was extremely detailed and tailored specifically to fit the needs of our family perfectly. All the staff at Carolina Family Estate Planning has been professional and friendly. You can sense they are passionate about their business. We have been very pleased with Jackie's service." - Craig D.
  • "I have enjoyed working with Jackie and the staff of Carolina Family Estate Planning. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field and helped make a complicated process much easier to understand. I feel much more comfortable with my planning accomplished and now know that when "that time" comes, I have removed the burden of the decision making from the shoulders of my family." - Ginny M.
  • Treated us with respect. - Paul T.
  • “The information we received was invaluable. We also appreciated the focus on placed on need, rather than cost. [I learned] how important it is to adequately protect our children through the use of both short and long-term guardians.” -Glen, Holly Springs, NC
  • The day I received my Trust Book (Volume, Tome, LOL), there was an amazing sense of relief and accomplishment.
  • We felt like we were in a home-type atmosphere, not a lawyer’s office.
  • “[I] would suggest that anyone with children definitely needs to not only think about attending [a CFEP workshop], but actually plan to use the services. I learned a lot about things I never thought about (i.e., probate and taxes), the importance of pre-planning, short-term guardians to avoiding having my children placed in state custody.” -Kourtneye, Morrisville, NC
  • “Having the opportunity and pleasure to work with Jackie, has created nothing but positive influence in my clients and their families lives. Although my personal education from her in comprehensive small business ownership development and transition has grown by leaps and bounds, her attention to detail as well as insight proves to be of utmost importance to my clients and their complex situations. Mrs. Bedard's demeanor, objectiveness, and creativity are matched by few. What a team member!” - Adam, Raleigh, NC