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At Carolina Family Estate Planning, we just love creating Priceless Conversations™. During the holidays, you can create your own special memories by asking friends and family the interview style questions below and then recording them on CD.

  1. As a child, what were your three favorite holidays or seasons of the year?  What made them special?
  2. Describe how your family celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah or other similar holidays.  What were your family’s traditions?
  3. What special foods were part of your family gatherings?  Who prepared those foods?  Do you still prepare them today?
  4. What family traditions would you like to carry or see carried forward?
  5. Was there an unique or unusual event or tradition that your family celebrated? How did that celebration get started?
  6. If you celebrate birthdays, what was the most memorable birthday you can recall and what made it special?
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