We’re thrilled to announce we just signed a new client. Actually, several clients, several families, all related, all with almost no planning at all in place, spurred on by, unfortunately, by a recent, very poor, health prognosis.

We, of course, begin working with new clients every day and hardly announce that fact on social media or our newsletters, but this is different. The family has given us permission to document their planning every step of the way.

Everything. Our talks, their options, our recommendations, their decisions. All laid bare and documented in a series of blogs over the next weeks – we expect to … and probably need too -  wrap it all up before Thanksgiving.

This is simply an unprecedented opportunity for us to share with our clients, staff, prospective clients. We’re hoping that this remarkable family’s unselfish transparency will be helpful for so many people who may be inspired by their example to get their own planning accomplished.

That said, meet our new clients:The cast of Modern Family

Jay Pritchett is the patriarch of the family. He’s probably pushing 70, though we won’t know for sure until we really dive in because, to be perfectly frank, he’s somewhat prickly. He’s married to Gloria Delgado, a recently naturalized American citizen, who’s twenty-five years (at least) his junior. It’s the second marriage for both, they have a child together, Fulgencio (aged 6), and Manny, the son of Gloria’s first marriage, lives with them when not in college.  

It should be noted, and came up in our first meeting, several times, that their dog, Stella, is very important and should be considered a member of the family.

Jay is CEO and sole owner of a successful family business.

Jay had two children with his first wife, DeDe: Mitchell and Claire.

Claire is married to Phil Dunphy, they have three children, Luke, Haley, and Alex. One of the children may have special needs, it was unclear in our intake interview, apparently, it’s kind of a week to week thing.

Claire is close with her mother, DeDe, who makes frequent guest appearances in their home, they have requested that we look at whatever documents she may have. We’ll be doing this as soon as she returns from a trip to Boston to visit old friends from a former job.

Phil has a close relationship with his father, Frank, who recently married the family’s former babysitter. Another December – May relationship, we’ve been asked to review his documents as well.

Mitchell is in a same sex relationship, recently married, with Cameron Tucker, they have an adopted daughter, Lily, in her preteens.  

Claire is the only family member involved in the family business, Michael is an attorney and seems to have no interest in dad’s business. His partner, Cameron, was a star college football player, art teacher, football coach, and professional clown who is now a full-time stay at home dad. He does not know what his plans are when Lily gets older.

They came to us last week after the renowned oncologist Dr. Christopher Lloyd gave one of the ‘significant’ family members literally months to live. We have a lot of planning to do!

You can follow the case every week ... look for new posts here and on Facebook.

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