Protect Your IRA

Here's How to Protect Your IRA and Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes...

As a practicing Estate Planning, Elder Law and Asset Protection attorney, I meet hundreds of people each year. One of the questions I get all the time is, "How can I protect my assets from the government and long-term care costs?" Before I can answer this often asked question, I need to understand the types of assets owned, so I can determine the easiest way to help protect them. For many people, a large portion of their assets is an IRA or other form of qualified (not yet taxed) money. Since beginning my practice almost 9 years ago, I've met many people who become confused and frustrated when trying to understand all the rules regarding their IRAs. My approach is to first identify your goals, then work with your other professionals to ensure that together, we accomplish them. This book is the first step in helping you understand the most common mistakes individuals (and their professionals) make and how to avoid them.


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