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The CFEP Team

The CFEP Team

Attorneys & Staff
  • Carolina Family Estate Planning
  • 201 Commonwealth Ct #100 Cary, NC 27511
  • 919-443-3035

We are very picky about who we invite to be on our team. Why? Because our clients deserve the best!

However, even though they are all amazing individuals, no one on our team—or the planet, for that matter—is an expert at everything. So our staff works together as a team to deliver an exceptional client experience. Teamwork takes not only hiring the brightest and best people, it takes good systems and training, frequent feedback, and continuous improvement. 

When you have a question, you may discuss your question with any one of our team members. Please keep in mind that it is often necessary—even for attorneys—to do some research before providing an answer. Our team members are instructed to ask for additional specific information to address your questions. Please share this information with team members so that they can help you. Conversations with every one of our team members are covered under attorney-client confidentiality.