Alyssa Baucom

Alyssa Baucom

Funding Coordinator
  • Carolina Family Estate Planning
  • 201 Commonwealth Ct #100 Cary, NC 27511
  • 919-443-3035

Alyssa Baucom, acting as both our esteemed musician and Funding Coordinator, maintains our administrative workflows on the books, and brightens all of our days, especially when she shows us videos of her unbelievable musical skills. Alyssa is caring, comedic, and compassionate about her job, friends, interests, and family.

Alyssa attended ECU for her Bachelor of Music in Education, with a concentration in percussion, and earned her Masters in British and American Literature at NC State. Alyssa was a North Carolina Teaching Fellows Scholar at ECU.

She began her professional career as a high school English teacher and band director. After grad school, she worked for an online learning company offering instructional courses for Healthcare and & Human Services professionals. Now working for Carolina Family Estate Planning, Alyssa says that throughout her professional career, there’s been one underlying constant: she gets to help people! Alyssa says the key to professional success and longevity is paying attention, especially to people’s needs.

Part of the reason Alyssa began working at Carolina Family Estate Planning was because of her personal experience with Alzheimer’s: My grandmother had Alzheimer’s, and I saw the work my mom and her sister put into caring for her for years. Having a resource like the Alzheimer’s Planning Center would have been a great help to them as they navigated that care. I’ve also seen families argue when a loved one didn’t have specific wishes laid out prior to their passing.

Alyssa still has a passion for music and performs with various music ensembles throughout the Triangle: Music is not so much a “hobby” as it is part of my identity. I play a wide variety of musical instruments, focusing primarily on percussion, flugelhorn, piano, and vocals. I like to perform whenever possible, and I have done some rerecordings with my husband in our home recording studio. An interesting fact about Alyssa is that she’s played more than 105 instruments (and that’s after she stopped counting).

Outside of work, Alyssa loves reading books and traveling. Her preferred itinerary would be a genealogical tour of England and Scotland- to visit all of the places she and her husband, Tim, are from:  My husband and I are both British “mutts,” so we’d love to visit everywhere from Ely Cathedral to the Isle of Skye and everything in between, driving through the English countryside and lake district, and up through the Scottish highlands. Alyssa also enjoys sports- a fan of the Carolina Hurricanes, the Atlanta Braves, ECU, UNC, NC State (football and baseball), and Tennis, she’ll watch anything if it’s interesting. Her favorite TV shows are Bosch, Band of Brothers, Psych, and The Wire. Movies: Amadeus, Life is Beautiful, and Shawshank Redemption.