Karem Vazquez

Karem Vazquez

Client Welcome Specialist
  • Carolina Family Estate Planning
  • 201 Commonwealth Ct #100 Cary, NC 27511
  • 919-443-3035

As one of the first people that our clients speak to when they contact our firm, Karem has the outstanding ability to put anyone at ease. That is her superpower. It probably is her cheery good vibe, patience, and lovable personality that helps her to calm down even the most frustrated person. We are so grateful to have her as part of our Client Welcome Team at CFEP.

As the oldest child, she feels responsible for setting the example for her 13 and 15-year-old brothers. They confide in her their secrets and even come to her for advice before their mom or dad. Holding that role model position helped her grow mature and wise, which is why she has significant standards for herself and the world around her.

During the pandemic, she was shocked to watch the terrible news about people in her community that had little to nothing to eat. That sparked in her the community spirit. She quickly organized friends and family to gather food and other supplies that helped slightly more than 30 families near her hometown. There is no doubt that she is a people person and a visionary too.

Karem is currently studying Food Engineering, which she loves because it is the fusion between biotechnology and chemistry. She loves both topics because she has imagined herself as a scientist when growing up. But her interests also land into sustainable projects and earth-friendly enterprises. That is why, after changing many of her eating habits during the pandemic, she realized how important it is to eat healthy to stay strong. Her big project for the next few years is to produce and commercialize her granola brand. It is eco-friendly and sustainable, of course, in case you ever doubted.

It's been two years since she moved from her hometown to a major city, which is why she can never have enough of taking long walks through the busy streets and enjoying the nightlife. When the weekend kicks in, you will probably find her chilling with some friends at a restaurant before going to grab some drinks at a hip joint. All of it, of course, after visiting the gym while listening to the latest jams. Besides her singing talent (unknown up to this time), Karem is a transparent girl that we are sure will conquer the world. One granola lover by one.