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Taylor Ruby

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Taylor Ruby was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina.

When it came time for college, she chose the University of South Carolina. The main reason Taylor chose the original USC (don’t get her started on that topic) was, of course, football. Don’t try to talk to her when the Gamecocks are playing – she will not be happy. Well, unless you’re a dog. Taylor has never met a dog she didn’t like. It is physically impossible for her to just walk past a dog.

She is that crazy dog lady and an awesome mom to her two rescue pups – Rigatoni (Rigs) and Mozzarella (Ella). Do we detect a theme? You can check them out on their own Instagram page, pastawithasideofcheese. Just ask her – they are the cutest, bestest dogs in the whole wide world!

When it’s baseball season, it’s the NY Yankees all the way. Don’t hate on her for her choice in baseball teams! She comes by it naturally since most of her family is from New York. Taylor is still convinced that she will, one day, marry Derek Jeter. And really, who are we to discourage this way of thinking?

Taylor joined Carolina Family Estate Planning team as an Estate Administration Legal Assistant in 2020. Taylor is very organized and a big list-maker. She might even have a list listing her lists.

Dancing was a big part of her life growing up. She started at the age of three and continued through her teen years until two dislocated knees and a knee surgery put an end to her dancing career.

Taylor is a voracious reader of historical fiction – especially anything to do with the British royal family. When her head isn’t in a book, she can be found listening to true-crime and conspiracy theory podcasts or watching historical documentaries.