Need a break from working while also parenting and trying to teach or entertain your kids??

Kids Club EntranceHere's the deal, our business coaching group for law firms generally hosts a live, in-person Kids Club at our quarterly conferences. In response to the pandemic, they took Kids Club online and have been running daily sessions for law firm owners. 

And now they're taking it to the next level and extending it as an added value for us members to help us take care of friends, clients, referral sources, vendors, and more (that's you!). AND IT'S TOTALLY FREE! πŸŽπŸ™Œ

We know that many of you are struggling with trying to keep bored kids occupied while you conduct business just a few feet away. So let us keep them busy for an hour a day, every weekday for you! πŸ˜πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

Pass this on to your friends, clients, referral sources, vendors, too.  We all need a village right now.


The Young’ins (up to 6 years old)

Every Mon-Fri from 10 am - 11 am ET

This is designed for children up to 6 years old (or older if your kid still likes “kid like” things).

  • We will be playing games,
  • Doing crafts (with readily available supplies in the house),
  • Doing a little group physical activity (so they might just be tired enough to sit still later),
  • Reading stories,
  • And interacting with each other so they feel like they aren’t completely alone…


The “I know that” crowd (7 years and older)

Every Mon-Fri from 12 pm - 1 pm ET

This is designed for kids 7 years and older (or younger if your kid is “6 going on 30…”)

  • Here we will go beyond just basic playtime and will be creating interactive games with an entrepreneurial twist.
  • Giving them a sense of community outside their current Disney+ and video game bubble and hopefully, something to look forward to in the ever-increasing long days ahead!


Again, Virtual Kids Club is absolutely FREE. Sign up here:

FREE Virtual Kids Club!


All you need to do is use this form to register so we know who is interested (just register once and then you can drop in any time)


Then just click the Zoom link at the scheduled time, sit your kid in a quiet place with a Zoom-compatible devise (video on is best), and walk away...Virtual Kids Club will take care of the rest!
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